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Volkswagen’s first factory was installed in 1938 but the organization was unable to continue operations due to the Second World War and so they produced very few cars at that time. One of Volkswagen’s first vehicles was gifted to Adolph Hitler for his birthday. In 1945, the Americans and British demolished the Volkswagen plant and took control of it to produce military units. Major Hirst, an army officer, was made in-charge of that factory and it was him in fact that rescued them.
In 1947, the Volkswagen factory started to flourish and it pumped 1000 cars per month. Unfortunately, the Volkswagen factory was damaged once again and production was made to freeze. Then no one wished to claim the factory.
In 1960, Volkswagen attempted to manufacture other vehicles and the organization produced a war vehicle named Thing. It was huge and unpleasant and sold for just two years in the United States. Volkswagen rivals like Roots mocked the Volkswagen Beetle by telling them that the organization was wasting lots of money and time trying to improve the Beetle. Unfortunately, Volkswagen sank into deep financial problems in 1973 and stopped focusing on the Beetle.
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Launch of Volkswagen in India Volkswagen India Private Limited was launched in2007. The organization is a manufacturer, distributor and assembler of Volkswagen units in India. The headquarters of Volkswagen India Private India Limited is situated in Chaken, Maharashtra. Indian Volkswagen plant can manufacture 110, 000 units annually. Some of the popular assembled and manufactured Volkswagen units in the Volkswagen plant are – Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Jetta and Volkswagen Passat and the famous imported models of Volkswagen cars are – Volkswagen Beetle, Volkswagen Phaeton and Volkswagen Touareg. Volkswagen was started in India just two years back and its going on its successful path and planning to release Volkswagen Polo in the near future and this Volkswagen car will be one of many cars in India.

Volkswagen Group has also installed a separate company for sales in India in 2007 named Volkswagen Group Sales India Private Limited. Its headquarters are in Mumbai.

Volkswagen Founder

The Founder of Volkswagen is Ferdinand Porsche and the co-founders of Volkswagen are Bodo Lafferentz and Jakob Werlin. Ferdinand Porsche is famous for producing the first hybrid unit (gasoline-electric) named Volkswagen Beetle. Mr. Joerg Mueller is the founder of Volkswagen India Private Limited, who is the Managing Director and President of Volkswagen India Private Volkswagen motive

During the 1930s, Germans were not typically rich enough to afford cars. Keeping that in mind, Adolph Hitler decided to bring about vehicles for ordinary people and he chose Volkswagen and sponsored it to create this.
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Roots Car Corporation was one of Volkswagen’s foremost rivals in the 1940’s. The owner of Roots Car Corporation mocked Volkswagen Beetle for making any effort to improve the Beetle as he thought it was ugly and noisy. Ironically though, the Beetle has emerged to become one of the most successful automobiles in the history of the world and still lives on with a fine reputation. Roots, however, stopped production and shut down a long long time ago.

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